New Year, New You

I had a little bit of an impromptu break there, but I promise that while I wasn’t writing I was definitely doing research, watching documentaries, reading books. There are ten thousand ideas swirling around in my head, and through time I am sure that I will be able to write them all down.

If you like this blog, I am sure you will find more in the New Year that will please you. If you don’t, I am not sure what I can tell you.While this blog was started without the express intention of being a religious/irreligious place to write my ideas out, it definitely ended up with an overwhelming theme. Certainly, going back to the very beginning (only three months ago? WHAT?), you can see that there was more variety… But with that variety, it was clear that there was really no true demographic.

I have a whole bunch of half finished articles from my break, but I really never truly felt that those articles were worthy of discussion. They were me spouting ideas and things that probably had no home here. When I post, I don’t want to just shove my ideas down everyone’s throat; I want to generate a bit of discussion. If you’ve been here on the blog for a while, you know that I am not nontheistic because I want to be, I am nontheistic because religion (certainly, modern branches of Christianity at the least) never gave me the answers I have been looking for. When I post an article that has my thoughts in it, I want to spark a discussion, or help people understand what is going on in my head, so that when we discuss everyone knows where I am coming from.

I am not going to post some self-serving New Year’s Resolution, though; what I am going to be doing with this blog is the same as I have been doing. I’d love to see it grow, I’d love more readers and more discussions in the comments, but I won’t resolve to grow it. The blog should grow organically, not because I will it to, or force my ideas down more people’s throats. My actual New Year’s Resolution is to get myself off of antidepressants. What will this blog look like when I am off medication? WHO KNOWS!

I really want to thank everyone who has read the blog to date. Your comments and discussion, rare or common, have given me an incredible drive to grow this. My blog is still only a quarter of a year old, but I have discussions going on, and people have mentioned they read it that I had no idea would have been interested in the materials I discuss here. There are people I haven’t met (read: Haven’t forced to read this blog) who have read and commented. I have several followers, all of whom I thank sincerely.

If I can spark discussions in under 3 months, while I am still figuring out what to write and how to write it, then what will this blog look like in a year? In two years?

I don’t plan to slow down, I want to grow and mature, journey and improve, and have a conversation with all of you about what you believe, about what I believe, and to make the world a better place (even if only in my own tiny corner of the internet). I won’t lie, if fifty people read only a small part of my blog and if fifty people can come together to make the world a better place, then I will feel like I have had an incredible impact. I am not saying “If fifty readers of my blog lose their religion”, that isn’t what I want, but if fifty people can just be kind to others, and think about their own actions in respect to how they impact everyone around them… Well, those fifty people can talk to one person each, and maybe those people will then think about how they act towards others.

Maybe I am being optimistic, but I am just so happy that even one person thinks what I write is worth reading.

As we move forward into the depth of 2015, let’s all become better people together. If you are theistic, I wish you to grow a deeper relationship with your deity. If you are nontheistic, I let’s grow together in respect and tolerance of those around us, but understand ourselves and each other with greater empathy.

In the New Year, let’s all be better people. It’ll be awesome.

If we start small, start with only one person (ourselves) we can make a huge impact on the world. I think it is important to remember that.

No one snowflake ever feels responsible for an avalanche, but if each individual snowflake makes an impact, imagine what we can do!

I think my break is over, the seal is broken, and content will start filling this blog again at an obnoxious rate. Just like before. It’ll be awesome!

Commentary on my Bible Summaries

So as many of noticed, and messaged me about, the style of part 1 of my Exodus narrative and the style of part 3 are very different. I am trying different styles and different approaches, as I decided to make this a much larger project. Originally, I was just going to do Exodus, but now I plan to do the entire Bible — but the Bible is very long. So I need to try a few things, find out what people like and what they don’t, what makes them laugh and what doesn’t.

Of course, in the comments of each post, please let me know what works for you and what doesn’t. I look forward to hearing from you, and making everything more interesting going forward!

Learning (FOR SCIENCE!)

So recently an opportunity came up that I could not resist; Udemy (an online learning academy) is offering a 3 hour online course on Creation Science, entitled “Beginnings”. It is hosted by one of my favorite creation speakers, Eric Hovind. The course is actually paid ($20 for the whole course!), which means I am assuming they are actually intending their audience be only people who share their view on things (or maybe they just want money).

In my quest to understand the minds of every human on the planet (I am already at 1 out of 7.x billion! That’s practically halfway there!), I decided to take the course. What is $20.00, compared to the massive trove of knowledge I can take in?!

I won’t share the materials point for point (I respect their desire to make money from this, as they did invest time in making it), but at the end of each lesson (after the exam), they present discussion questions. Well, I am able to look at attendance numbers (that seems odd, but I’ll take it), and I am the second student to sign up.

As there are only two students to sign up, posting my discussion answers to the students only forum (THERE IS A STUDENTS ONLY FORUM!) would feel a little less like a discussion and more like talking to myself. Well, even more than talking to myself than writing to this blog (I am talking to AT LEAST two other people, rather than just one).

To that effect, over the next few days, I’ll be taking these lectures and then making blog posts about the discussion questions posted at the end of each. I am sure sometimes they will be funny, from what I’ve seen many will be philosophical, and I doubt any will be scientific.

I hope you’ll enjoy taking this journey with me. I am learning about non-science, FOR SCIENCE!

Why so much religion, though?

Some have commented that a blog about “Life, the universe, and everything” should have more diverse postings than religion all day every day. That is actually pretty fair, and I am sorry for how things have worked out.

Generally speaking, with this blog, I post stream of consciousness. That means, of course, whatever comes to mind hits the blog. It may not seem like it, but the blog has only been live for just over 2 weeks; a topic like religion can easily occupy a mind for a couple of weeks, I think. As time goes on, and as more things catch my mind’s eye, I am sure I will write about more interesting things, things other than purely religion. I definitely hope, for example, to do more creative writing exercises–that was definitely fun (and something I need to expand on).

The other reason religion is easy to write about is that people tend to have strong opinions, and thus tend to comment on the posts. I am looking for comment, I am looking for discussion, I am looking for answers. I do not profess to ‘know’ the things about which I have an opinion, and if someone has an opinion that runs counter to mine, perhaps my mind will be changed, or at least we will open a dialog. Who knows.

That being said, anything that is worth discussing in my life I hope to put down here on my blog. It just so happens that right now, religion occupies a lot of my mental cycles.

My blog is only two weeks old, hopefully I haven’t scared everyone off already. That being said, if I managed to work up 100 regular readers, and then get rid of them in less than a month, I’ve got to say… That is impressive, no?


So I added a whole bunch of blog posts that are new to the very bottom of the list, because I am new at this. I have successfully reordered everything to reflect the order it was posted… So if you are just casually reading, you might find a bunch of new stuff that was invisible until just a second ago.


A General Introduction

Hello! I whipped up this blog because I am fairly certain most of my Facebook friends are tired of reading this stuff in their news feed, so I migrated it to a place where it is no longer forced upon anyone.

All of the content prior to this post is stuff I have copied and pasted from my Facebook, and I hope you find some of it interesting. If not, of course, feel free to comment. Or if you do feel that it is interesting, feel free to comment, anyway.