Why so much religion, though?

Some have commented that a blog about “Life, the universe, and everything” should have more diverse postings than religion all day every day. That is actually pretty fair, and I am sorry for how things have worked out.

Generally speaking, with this blog, I post stream of consciousness. That means, of course, whatever comes to mind hits the blog. It may not seem like it, but the blog has only been live for just over 2 weeks; a topic like religion can easily occupy a mind for a couple of weeks, I think. As time goes on, and as more things catch my mind’s eye, I am sure I will write about more interesting things, things other than purely religion. I definitely hope, for example, to do more creative writing exercises–that was definitely fun (and something I need to expand on).

The other reason religion is easy to write about is that people tend to have strong opinions, and thus tend to comment on the posts. I am looking for comment, I am looking for discussion, I am looking for answers. I do not profess to ‘know’ the things about which I have an opinion, and if someone has an opinion that runs counter to mine, perhaps my mind will be changed, or at least we will open a dialog. Who knows.

That being said, anything that is worth discussing in my life I hope to put down here on my blog. It just so happens that right now, religion occupies a lot of my mental cycles.

My blog is only two weeks old, hopefully I haven’t scared everyone off already. That being said, if I managed to work up 100 regular readers, and then get rid of them in less than a month, I’ve got to say… That is impressive, no?

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