On People (Slightly) Crazier Than Me

So due to tripping over a link I never should have clicked, I have been introduced to Radical Feminism. I mean, I knew it existed, as a general thing — but to read their articles, their ideas, their opinions, in great detail (WHY MUST MY CURIOSITY ALWAYS OVERPOWER MY BETTER JUDGMENT?!)… One finds oneself in a very confusing state of wondering if they have any idea about the long term repercussions of their ideas.

I just read what I will call a manifesto, proclaiming that males are going extinct, and cherry picking a ton of scientific articles to ‘prove’ her idea. Now, ignoring the fact that the data she used is, largely, open to interpretation, she has said that males will be gone very soon. Males will be an extinct species, leaving the female species (best you know that males and females are completely separate species, and they get really damn militant towards anyone that proclaims otherwise) to live on in bliss and paradise. Now, we aren’t off the rails yet, we are merely tipping the train a bit — she does go on to quote some genetic literature that suggests that we may be able to graft (for lack of a better term) Y chromosomal genes onto other chromosomes, leaving the Y chromosome useless, and males no longer required.

Now, I did say we are at least sort of on the rails, but only if you don’t think any further. What about every other species on the planet? If human males are somehow going completely extinct, are insect males immune? Bird males? Other mammals? How is this ecosystem going to work? Are we going to genetically resplice every other species on the planet? Of course, they are going to have to go against over 100 million years of evolution and instinct, and just know that females are supposed to (somehow) breed with females now?

Look, lots of men are jerks. I get that. But Radical Feminists do not blame living men for the issues they perceive; they blame the existence of men completely on men. In fact, to them, the fact that I was born a male is a PERSONAL INSULT.

They are not open to the idea of cooperation and solving problems. In fact, the more I read, the more I have discovered that many of them do not even have an end game — their articles are just expounding the issue of the existence of men. Aside from “This is the problem in the world,” there is no content, no substance. No solution (aside from killing all men, which TWO of the radical feminists I have read have suggested so far). Well, perhaps that is a bit dramatic, they just want all men to die. Somehow. They are never super clear on that point. They are also never super clear on what happens when all men are gone; they just seem to think that part will work itself out.

Anyway, I find the whole thing both entertaining and frustrating. This is to say nothing against feminists in general; I respect your cause to the utmost. Just that some Radical Feminists work hard enough to be heard that the vocal minority, as so often happens, makes the feminist movement sound crazy.

One of the Radical Feminists whose blog I read said this:
“We live in male bullshit stories. Male bullshit stories are simplistic and monotonous dude-delusions dudes repeat incessantly.”
Her lack of self-awareness is almost stunning… If indeed I could be stunned by anything I read on RadFem blogs at this point.

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