On (More) People Slightly Crazier Than Me

Young Earth Creationists (YEC from here on in) make me so sad for the state of humanity, but not even for the reasons you might be thinking.

I do a lot of research on a wide variety of topics, and often I will watch or listen to YEC videos or podcasts. I used to do it because they are funny to me (hahaha, these guys know less about science than a 7th grader! [that kind of thing]), but lately I can’t laugh at them any more. Their disingenuous attitude towards those that don’t share their view is dangerous.

Their vacuous arguments are cruel, and I would say they may even violate many tenets of the Bible (I am aware that the more literally you take the Bible, the more laws of the Bible you are breaking just because many are, as a technicality, impossible to follow since they contradict each other — but for the sake of fair play, I will say they are [as a general rule] following their own religious doctrine). They lie, or change evidence to fit their goals. They engage in ad hominem attacks on scientists. They ignore evidence that disagrees with them, and praise evidence that can be used for their side (even if they have to remove context, change the wording, lie about the source of the data, or just straight up bend it until the square evidence fits into the circular theory [SEE WHAT I DID THERE?! HAHAHA! Jokes!]).

I could forgive them for cherry picking evidence if they weren’t so cruel about it. One of my favorite YEC podcasts is Creation Today (www.creationtoday.org)
I enjoyed their videos until the Bill Nye vs Ken Ham debate. After that debate, they spent two full episodes discrediting, berating, and making fun of Bill Nye. If your message of love, peace, and acceptance has to come at the expense of someone, if you can’t say you can love Bill Nye, then how does your message work? “We love and accept EVERYONE! Except those that we don’t, whom we list here, as well as any sins we could dig up over the course of their entire life!”

I have no problem with Christianity, when it does not hurt those around it. Many people have found solace, solidarity, and happiness in the embrace of God. I would never want to take that from them. But as soon as you use your religion to actively exclude or harm another person or group of people, I think you have gone astray. I think Ken Ham, Eric Hovind, and his ilk have officially tripped the line from scientifically ignorant (not an insult; they just don’t know, and that is [for the most part] ok) to actively harmful.

I am not here to campaign against them. Or maybe I am. The hashtags I am going to use are kind of inflammatory, I won’t lie. But still.

I will leave you with this last bit of bad science that did actually make me laugh. Reading the body language of the lecturer, one notes that he doesn’t even seem comfortable with his own message — it does take a bit of intellectual dishonesty to get a PhD in a scientific field, then ignore all of the science in that field. Perhaps he has not gotten over his conscience just yet.


‪#‎YEC‬ and ‪#‎CreationToday‬ ‪#‎AreKindOfAssholes‬
Once you’ve read both, and decided that the Bible is perfect and consistent and without contradiction, get back to me. If you still believe that there are no faults in that book, go read it again. Please.

Answers in Genesis
Creation Today
Why do you have to denigrate others to argue your side?

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