And Also Dinosaurs

You know, while discussing my blog post yesterday with another party, it occurred to me that what I laid out was only MOSTLY silly, but not truly “Clown high on narcotics” silly, and that just would not do.

You know, dogs eat grass, so lions could have eaten grass. II can’t make fun of that as HARD as I want to. And I remembered how I could do that; dinosaurs.

Before the fall, friends, it is worth noting that dinosaurs lived in paradise with Adam and Eve, existing free of sin, and not in any way fighting each other. Do you know what that means? It means the Tyrannosaurus Rex was a vegetarian.

It means this:

Was used not to tear anything, but to delicately grind up leafs.

It means this:

Could have attended a tea party with a Disney Princess, and all of her animal attendants (adorable and delicious though they may look) without raising anything like fear in their hearts.

Allow me to help you get over some childhood trauma. With my masterful manipulation of MS Paint!

Since everything was vegetarian, this probably happened.

The Land Before Time was lying all along, and everyone got along just fine and Littlefoot’s mom did not die! We all win in the end!

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