An Expansion of Objective Morality

The reason I write this blog is not to shove my opinions in your face, but to invite comment. I mean, if my opinions and evidence sway your thought, I can think of no higher praise; for another being to think that my thoughts are even worth considering is high praise to me, and I thank you all for reading.

However, if you find my views dissatisfactory, whether in lack of evidence, lack of reasoning, lack of logic, or simply lack of a proper foundation, I would like to hear it! I really, really would.

To that end, I am glad beyond all reason, and thankful for a person who has argued against my views on Objective Morality. You can read the exchange at the following link, in the comments section:

Feel free to join in, or not, or do. I am just happy to have someone call me out on my bullshit, and I do hope it happens more in the future!

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