Why do we fight?


I have mentioned it before, but it was only incidentally; why don’t I just ignore the silliness of the YECs? The article linked is exactly why. 160 professors at Berkeley declined to debate Kent Hovind (subsequently indicted and convicted for tax fraud [he OPENS the video linked with ‘thou shalt not bear false witness’ and clarifies that to mean ‘no liars’, and his EXACT conviction shortly after this video was recorded was for bearing false witness regarding his taxes], how odd is that?), and therefore Creation Today has painted that picture as one of showing the weakness of the arguments on the other side.

Again, you might ask, “Why does that matter?” It matters, friend, because this is not a problem that goes away if you ignore it. They are ardent in their spreading of their attempts to spread the word, and they are succeeding (even if in limited numbers). Ignoring them is allowing their numbers to grow, no matter how slowly.

Just thought I’d write something about it specifically before I do my primary post for the day.

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