A Short Clarification

After discussions among peers, it came to my attention that my own personal views about abortion may have been lost in my excessive verbosity. To clear up these misunderstandings, I’ll write a much shorter, to the point piece.

I think Abortion Clinics should serve the same purpose as clean injection clinics in Vancouver. To assume that people won’t have abortions just because they are illegal or hard to find is naive to the point of dangerousness. Given that logic, drugs wouldn’t be a problem at all.

Providing a clean, safe place for abortions to happen could reduce the horrible complications of a botched surgery, save lives, and help those who have made poor decisions. Further, they could be used as a launching ground for education, provide condoms and/or birth control, and provide a thousand other services that benefit the public interest. To simply say “No, they are monstrous,” is callous, and ignores the amazing benefits they could provide.

I hope that helps.

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