This Was so Topical! (When I wrote it. In December.)

(Original posting date: December 16, 2013). Sorry, still catching up with a backlog of things I have already written that deserve a home here.

So I mean.. Fox News is expected to be ‘special’, but this was a new low for me, it really was. In a discussion about Santa, they said “Santa is white, you just don’t argue with facts.” Given tradition, I can’t even fight with that, but St. Nick was from Turkey, so he wouldn’t really be white (Maybe close to white). Whatever, we move on.
The follow up was “Just like Jesus was white. You just don’t change history.”
Wait. What. (That what was a statement from me, not a question)
Jesus was born in the middle east. I mean… How self centered do you have to be to steal Jesus like that? Ugh. My soul hurts.
I am going to try scrubbing it clean after hearing that, and I will scrub until I bleed if I have to.

To quote John Stewart (Or was it Colbert? I can’t recall): “Nobody tell [them] that Jesus was a Jewish socialist born in the middle east. I think it would really bum [them] out.”

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