If I Saw a Boggart…

Well, there you have it, argument over. This video claims to illuminate for other Christians the GREATEST FEAR all atheists have. All atheists fear the Bible, because secretly, we all know that the Bible is obviously correct, and that nothing in the Bible can be proven false! We lose sleep over it, I am told!

This is all news to me, of course, but it just proves that there is no debate to be had, doesn’t it? I have never stated a goal of taking Religion away from my friends or family, I just ask them to do what I try to do: Bring more happiness into the world than you take out of it.

Fundamentalists, or, to narrow the scope a little bit more, Biblical literalists, often use the Bible as a foundation for ultimately misogynistic or homophobic views. I use the word homophobia loosely, I am afraid, as I do not know a more appropriate word — it isn’t fear of homosexuals that they have, it is hostility. In any case, homosexuals do not harm them, but often homosexuals are marginalized and have their rights inhibited. Anti-Sodomy laws are still actively on the books in many states, and even in states where marriage laws have been loosened there is active fighting going on to define traditional marriage.

As the video goes on, they proceed to use bad science to ‘prove’ that evolutionists use bad science to justify their claims. I could go on to say this is ironic, but the irony boils down to something even simpler; they believe (and this is a direct quote) that science cannot, in any way, ever prove the Bible wrong — but they will trumpet ANY science, of any length, of any duration that proves the Bible correct. Another episode, for example, has a Biblical literalist scientist state that “I have studied 100,000 generations of bacteria, and I haven’t seen one instance of evolution.” Well, there you go; one study, by one scientist, over 15 years, has proven evolution wrong. If it can’t happen in 15 years, it could certainly never have happened in 4.7 billion years. Case closed.

It is just sad to me. That’s what I am trying to say here. If they had their way, if Biblical literalism were embraced wholesale and as wholly as they want it to be, science would stagnate. They are open to science, mind you, but only if its purpose is to Glorify God. Does Penicillin Glorify God? Well, no, but it was made by a Christian, therefore it is ok. But going forward, we don’t have to focus on this kind of science.

Why is this ok? How is this Christian? Like I said, I want to bring more happiness into the world than I take out of it… I would hope that they would, too… But they have so many caveats on that rule. As Fappy the Dolphin would say, “Conditions Apply.”

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